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      527 P.S.You may, in this occurrence, say what Francis I., after the battle of Pavia, wrote to his mother: All is lost except honor. As I do not yet completely understand the affair, I forbear to judge of it, for it is altogether extraordinary.


      "And in what wayif the question is admissibledo you find medicine more to your taste than the law?"


      The King of Prussia is thought to be dying. I am weary of the political discussions on this subject as to what effects his death must produce. He is better at this moment, but so weak he can not resist long. Physique is gone. But his force and energy of soul, they say, have often supported him, and in desperate crises have even seemed to increase. Liking to him I never had. His ostentatious immorality has much hurt public virtue, and there have been related to me barbarities which excite horror.Trubie took the hintif such it was meant to beand withdrew. He spent the next half hour in knocking at sundry doors, and repeating, with slight variation, the questions and remarks wherewith he had favored Roath. No one had seen Arling; no one knew anything about him. All seemed surprised to learn that he had gone out; but all were laboriously cramming for the examinations in progress, and the surprise made but a faint and transient ripple on the surface of their troubled minds. Trubie's persistency impressed them much more strongly; they wondered that he had leisure to bestow upon any anxiety not connected with those dreaded examinations, any fear save that of failing to secure the right to sign himself, "Frank Trubie, M.D."

      "Come, by all means," said he, with more kindness than he had yet shown,for he could not bring himself to give a half-hearted invitation to his sister's son,"I have still a great deal to ask about your mother."