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    Holgrave turned from the galleyman in silence, and, opening the large chest, took out his only spare clothing¡ªa suit of medley; and, as he offered it to the stranger, he looked at him with an earnestness which attracted the attention of the galleyman.


    There was a sudden hush at this abrupt interrogatory, and Jack Straw was about to answer in no very gentle manner, when, fixing his penetrating eyes upon Wells, a significant glance informed the galleyman that he was recognized, and, suppressing the epithet he was about to use, Oakley merely replied¡ª


    "Oh, father! he is dying¡ªthe death-sweats are upon him! and can I, who brought him into sin, see him die under the curse of God? Oh, mercy, holy father! have pity upon him!¡ªhis soul is repentant¡ªindeed it is! We have vowed, if he should recover, to part for ever¡ªoh, come to him!"


    "Ye may tell King Richard that the Commons will meet him; but mind ye, and tell him to have no lords, nor men of law, nor any of that brood of bishops with him, if he wishes them to wear their heads;¡ªmind ye that, sir pursuivant."

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    The smith caught him in his iron grasp ere he closed the gate, and, placing his broad hand over his mouth, held him till a bandage could be properly fastened; then flinging him on the ground, secured him hand and foot, bound him to a tree at a few steps distant, and, with the two men who had assisted, rushed after Merritt and the others, who were by this time in the court-yard.


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